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Hi, my dear friend. Happy Monday??
I am sorry for the late notice for 11.11.
Our company is about to start special sales of 11.11. The promotion period is from November 11th to November 12th (+GMT)
I made a product category for 11.11 in our Yupoo. And Ali's payment discount link album.
✅The Link to the item specified by the promotion (11.11 YUPOO) :
✅The payment link specified by the promotion???:

It is worth mentioning that for these 4 projects (special offer). :LB062703=45USD now (original price 54USD). LB092701=45USD now (original price 59USD). LB092590 (Best quality version) = 99USD now (original price 129USD). The fascinating Dior bracelet = 11USD now (original price 15USD). Other product discounts are 9%
Please share these items to your group. Please let your fans not miss the best time to buy.
Thank you for your time and attention??

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